Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am trying to get rid of my homeless
jesus talking

small g genocide which he said we'd forgotten
when he says if

thousands of drought tolerant

were made to thirst, as in,   I thirst  

less would need to be said.   We had a laugh.

Maybe take a way the pain
medication...would that help?

-  Had I been out to see the wild

-  Could I name my grandchildren, hurriedly, in their birth order?

-  In what context
did I put him?

I, of course, had my own questions:

    -  where do we let you shit
    -  why do your eyes follow us in our cars
    -  in the snow, we are not monochomatic,
                                                are you?

             What gifts we are missing, were they given
             what life we've spent was it driven

             if there is no witness
             is there a sound

             ...should we listen

                                          What say the voices?